Portable 5.2Ah 18s 4.3" LCD 64 images Fiber Fusion Splicer

Informazioni di base
Luogo di origine: La CINA
Certificazione: CE , RoHS 
Numero di modello: OFS-4106S
Quantità di ordine minimo: 2 insiemi
Prezzo: 1100-1300 USD
Imballaggi particolari: cartone standar per la consegna
Tempi di consegna: 5-15 giorni lavorativi
Termini di pagamento: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Nome di prodotto: giuntatrice d'impionbatura veloce portatile di fusione della fibra di riscaldamento altamente effici Number di modello: OFS-4106S
Colore: Verde Esposizione: Monitor LCD
Capacità di memoria: 300 gruppi di modi d'impionbatura di fusione, 100 gruppi di modi di riscaldamento Modo d'impionbatura: automatico, mezzo automatico, manuale
Ingrandimento di immagine: 320 volte Alimentazione elettrica: CC 13V 4.5A o batteria

4.3" LCD Fiber Fusion Splicer


64 Images Fiber Fusion Splicer


5.2Ah Portable Fusion Splicer

  18s Highly Efficient Heating Portable Fast Splicing Fiber Fusion Splicer




Product Brief Introduction


Obtaining 16 patens of invention and 58 technical innovations, a brand-new product—OFS-4106S Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer is launched, thanks to 5 years of painstaking research of 28 engineers.OFS-4106S implements industrial-grade CPU+FPGA structure of high-performance, completely fresh HD optical fiber microscope, imported high-speed motor and aluminum-magnesium alloy materials extensively. Compared with OFS-4106, our start product, OFS-4106S lowers the size by 38%, the weight by 52%, the power consumption by 57%, but improves the speed by 60%, the environment adaptability by 80% and the reliability (MTBF) by 200%. You can get unprecedented fusion splicing experience. 


Main features


* Precise cladding alignment, ultra-low fiber fusion splicing consumption 7s fast fusion splicing

* 18s highly efficient heating

* 320 times image magnification

*5mm fusion splicing for fibers of ultra-short cutting length

*300 groups of fusion splicing modes

* 100 groups of heating modes

* 10000 groups of fusion records

* 64 images storage Ceramic presser foot

* Dual-direction splicing, automatic splicing, intelligent pyrocondensation

USB and SD card interfaces, U-disk automatic software upgrade

* Three Splicing modes: auto, half-auto, manual

* Built-in modular lithium battery, supports 220 times of splicing and heating cycles


Details images


Portable 5.2Ah 18s 4.3" LCD 64 images Fiber Fusion Splicer 0


Portable 5.2Ah 18s 4.3" LCD 64 images Fiber Fusion Splicer 1Portable 5.2Ah 18s 4.3" LCD 64 images Fiber Fusion Splicer 2Portable 5.2Ah 18s 4.3" LCD 64 images Fiber Fusion Splicer 3

ultifunction carrying box:

Modern design & light weight, Built-in integrated worktable,Opened or closed, the lid can be used as a worktable

Hot sale Fusion splicer fusion splicer

Working with Multi one fiber fixture, meet the fusion requirement for cladding diameter of 80-150um fiber and a variety of optical fiber patch cord and drop cable

Hot sale Fusion splicer fusion splicer

Ceramic V-groove Ceramic press:

High precision ceramic V-groove, making the fiber more convenient and accurate and easy to clean before fusion.


Hot sale Fusion splicer fusion splicerHot sale Fusion splicer fusion splicer

Intelligent heat shrinkable:

    Put detection elements in the heater, The heating function will be started automatically only when the heat shrinkable tube is placed in the heater, Prevent  misoperation

Hot sale Fusion splicer fusion splicer


Large capacity pluggable lithium battery:

Built-in p large capacity pluggable lithium battery, support 220 times splicing and heating, to meet one days’ work .

Graphical interface and touch screen:

The new GUI( graphical user interface) and touch screen are designed, The operator can easily and intuitively set up the splicer and understand the info of the splicer


Hot sale Fusion splicer fusion splicer


Technical data sheet 


Optical Specifications OFS-4106S

Fiber heater


Effective heating length: ≤60mm

Heating time: 10s~255s, settable as required.

Typical heating time: ≤25s(standard 40mm sleeve),≤28s(standard 60mm sleeve).


Power supply


External DC power input

Input voltage is 13.5±0.5V; input current≥4.4A; socket center is positive.

Built-in lithium-ion battery for power supply.

The lithium-ion battery is 11.1V, ≥5.2Ah, full charging time is approx. 2.5h.


and weight

Dimensions: W×H×D=120mm×130mm×154mm(without vibration-free rubber pad)

Weight: approx.1.95kg(with the lithium-ion battery), approx.1.75kg(without the lithium-ion battery).







Operating temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Temperature limit: -20℃~+55℃

Operating humidity: 95%RH and below(non-condensing)

Max. wind speed: 15m/s

Storage temperature: -40℃~+80℃,

Storage humidity: 95%RH and below (non-condensing).






Splice loss

Typical loss values of spliced points are:

Single-mode fiber: 0.03dB

Multi-mode fiber: 0.01dB

Dispersion shifted fiber: 0.04dB

Non-zero dispersion shifted fiber: 0.04dB

Typical splice time: 7s(FAST mode, typical)

Monitor: with touch screen function, 4.3 inch TFT color LCD

USB port: system update and data transmission

Real-time display of remaining battery capacity

Built-in lighting with high brightness, for convenient loading of fibers



Packaging and delivery

Portable 5.2Ah 18s 4.3" LCD 64 images Fiber Fusion Splicer 10Portable 5.2Ah 18s 4.3" LCD 64 images Fiber Fusion Splicer 11


View of the company


Portable 5.2Ah 18s 4.3" LCD 64 images Fiber Fusion Splicer 12 



Portable 5.2Ah 18s 4.3" LCD 64 images Fiber Fusion Splicer 13Portable 5.2Ah 18s 4.3" LCD 64 images Fiber Fusion Splicer 14


Trade shows 


Portable 5.2Ah 18s 4.3" LCD 64 images Fiber Fusion Splicer 15

Customer feedback   

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1.What is your MOQ, Can I have a small sample order?
Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.


2. What is your payment terms?

Trade assurance ,T/T, West Union or Cash.


3. What is your warranty time

We promise 2 years' warranty for all products shipped from us.


4. What is the lead time?

For usual products. We keep stock, could ship 1-3 days after PO. For big quantity and special products. Please check lead time with our sales representative.


5. Could I use our own logo and label?

Yes, we could provide a OEM service and make the products with your own label.

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